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lindburgh bust Traditions lake placid (3)
A Mass-Produced Metal Bust of the American Aviator Charles Lindbergh Available For Purchase at Traditions Antiques on Saranac Avenue in Lake Placid, New York

IMG_4961 (3)
A Metallic Bust of a Lycanthrope (Better Known as a Werewolf) Seen on Display at the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine

Jesus Bust Elmvale (2)
A Bust of Jesus Christ Pointing at His Sacred Heart Found Amidst Strands of Tall Grass at Elmvale Cemetery in East Woodstock, CT

Sculpture Assumption Library B (2)
An Interesting Clay Sculpture of the Head of a Man With Apparently Scaly Skin Impaled on a Rusty Spike Sticking up Through a Weathered Slab of Wood Seen on Display Inside the Emmanuel d’Alzon Library on the Campus of Assumption College in Worcester, MA

A Ceramic Bust of the Virgin Mary Left on the Base of a Granite Headstone at Old Notre Dame Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

A Bronze Portrait Sculpted in High Relief of William T. G. Morton, the American Dentist Credited as the Discoverer of Ether Anesthesia, Discovered Mounted on His Granite Headstone at Westridge Cemetery in Charlton, MA

portrait of Zalova (2).JPG
A Close-Up of a Black Marble Bust of a Woman Entitled “Portrait of Zalova” by the Sculptor Simon Moselsio Seen on Display at the Bennington Museum in Bennington, VT