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A Statue of Saint Joseph (Identified by the Lily and the Carpenter Square He Holds) Seen at New Notre Dame Cemetery, Southbridge, MA


An Angel Seen Blowing a Trumpet Next to s Crucifixion Scene at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in North Grosvenordale, CT

A Young Angel Clutches a Bouquet of Flowers as She Stands on the Base of a Gravestone at Vine Hill Cemetery in Plymouth, MA

A Stylized Soul Effigy Found on a Child’s Gravestone From the Late 1700’s at West Thompson Cemetery in West Thompson, Connecticut

A Garden Gnome Seeks Shade From the Sun Beneath A Large Sunflower Blossom at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT

A Distraught Cherub Bows His Head and Weeps Into His Hands as He Sits on the Base of a Gravestone at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Granite Statue of a Woman in a Robe, Holding a Large Cross in Her Left Hand While Pointing With Her Right Index Finger up Toward the Sky, Stands on Top of the Monument for Industrialist and Inventor John Crane Whitin Located at Pine Grove Cemetery in the Village of Whitinsville, MA (Named After John’s Father Paul)