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An 18th Century Gravestone (Featuring a Winged Skull Motif) Found at the Broad Street Cemetery in Salem, MA


An Angel in the Form of a Winged Cat Naps on the Base of a Gravestone While a Small Bird Nestles in the Crook of Its Tail at Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, MA

A Winged and Wigged Soul Effigy (Apparently Balancing a Stylized Hourglass on Top of Its Head) Discovered on an Early 18th Century Slate Headstone at the Old Burying Point (A.K.A. Charter Street) Cemetery in Salem, MA

A High-Relief Sculpture of the Archangel Gabriel Blowing His Trumpet as a Saved Soul Kneels by His Side Found on the Granite Monument of the Whittall Family at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Every Halloween, a Creepy Faux Graveyard Complete With This Mock Marble Angel Monument Appears on the Front Lawn of a Certain House on an Unidentified Street in Worcester, MA

A Winged Cherub Motif Found Carved on an 18th Century Headstone at Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, MA

A Skull and Crossbones Carved on an 18th Century Slate Gravestone Found in the Granary Burying Ground on Tremont Street in Boston, MA