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An Adorable Little Angel Kneels and Prays on the Base of a Marble Headstone at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Webster, MA


The Smiling Face of an Anthropomorphic Sun Lies Partially Buried in Front of a Gravestone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Fairy St Joesph childrens Cemetery
A Fairy Found Holding a Bouquet of White Lilies at St. Joseph Children’s Cemetery in Webster, MA

A Cherub Reads Out Loud From the Large Tome on His Lap at St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Small Cement Statue of a Mysterious Bearded Figure in a Hooded Cloak (Holding What Appears to Either an Axe or a Sledgehammer) Seen Balancing on the Edge of the Base of a Headstone at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Winged Soul Effigy Carved on an Late 18th Century Gravestone Seen at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

A Parliament of Tiny Owls Gather Together on the Base of a Granite Headstone at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT