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A Child-Like Angel Crosses Her Hands Over Her Chest as She Kneels Beside a Grave at St. John Cemetery in Plainfield, CT


A Close-Up of a Statue of a Praying Angel Standing Before a Large Cross Seen at St. Joseph Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Statue of an Angel With Both Hands Filled With Flowers Seen at St. Mary in Lisbon, CT

A Winged and Winged Soul Effigy Found Carved on an Early 18th Century Gravestone at Jewett City Cemetery in Griswold, CT

A High-Relief Sculpture of an Apparently Despairing Angel Holding Either a Mop or (More Likely) a Flaming Torch Upside-Down Found Carved on the Shannon Family Mausoleum at St.Mary Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Close-Up Detail From a Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary, Whose Right Foot Crushes a Serpent With Forbidden Fruit Clenched in Its Jaws, Found at St. John Cemetery in Plainft, CT

An Adorable Angel Holds a Plump Little Bird in His Cupped Hands as He Kneels in Front of a Gravestone at St. Philip’s Cemetery in Grafton, MA