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cherub and bird notre dame cemetery 3
A Sweet Little Cherub Communes With the Small Bird in the Palm of His Hand While Sitting on Top of a Sphere at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA


A Young Boy, Not Wearing Any Clothes, Holds a Bunny Rabbit to His Chest at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

An Odd-Looking Terrier With Her Puppies Found at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Statue of the Virgin Mary Praying (With a Large Celtic Cross Looming Behind Her) Found in the Small Cemetery on the Front Lawn of St. Anne’s Church Located on Route 9 in Shrewsbury, MA

dove gravestone
A Dove Flying Upward on a Gravestone (Like This One Found at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA) Symbolizes the Soul’s Ascension into Heaven

Angel Conway Village
A Small Crude Concrete Statue of a Praying Angel Kneeling Near a Grave at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

A Statue of an Angel Holding a Naked Toddler Seen at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, VT