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A Young Boy, Not Wearing Any Clothes, Holds a Bunny Rabbit to His Chest at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA


A Hungry Hen Makes a Meal of an Ear of Corn on the Front Lawn of Yaks Arts International Gallery on S. Orleans Road in Orleans, MA

A Brass Bunny Lifts His Head and Sniffs the Air in a Small Garden Just Outside the Entrance of the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

An Odd-Looking Terrier With Her Puppies Found at Conway Village Cemetery in Conway, NH

angel and cherub windsor street
An Angel Waltzes With a Cherub in Front of a House on Windsor Street in Worcester, MA

horse jungle jims
A Life-Size Statue of a Horse Found in a Barn-Like Settong at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center at West Boylston, MA

A Small Statue of Buddha Meditating in the Lotus Position Seen in Front of a House on Edward Street in Worcester, MA