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A Cherub Discovered Kneeling in a Small Backyard Garden on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA


A Anthropomorphic Red Fox Wearing a Traditional English Riding Outfit Rests on an Ornamental Metal Bench in a Small Garden Overgrown With Foliage on Valley Street in Spencer, MA

An Angel with Coins in Her Outstretched Palms Emerges From a Terra Cotta Planter in Front of a House on Brown Street in Salem, MA

This Contemplative Gargoyle Is Just One of Hundreds of Concrete Statues Available For Purchase In Front of Freight Hoose Antiques on East Main Street in Erving, MA

A Farmboy Dressed in Overalls and a Straw Hat Pushes a Wheelbarrow Filled With Petunias on a Paved Driveway off Brown Avenue in Hampton, NH

A Red Fox Is Seen Sitting Amidst a Patch of Shasta Daisies in a Front Yard Garden on Bancroft Street in Worcester, MA

An Inquisitive Fairy Crouches to Investigate a Large Trumpet-Shaped Blossom in the Backyard of a Private Residence on Main Street in Oxford, MA