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A Fairy, Whose Wings Are Decorated With a Stylized Flower Design, Holds a Shallow Bowl Filled With a Large Field Stone and a Couple of Sticks Tied Together With a Bow at Sacred Heart Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA


A Diminutive Black Bear Cub Holds up a Wooden “Welcome” Sign in Front of a Gravel Bed in the Front Yard of a Home on Summer Street in Southbridge, MA

A Cherub Stares Down Into His Cupped Palms as He Rests Under a Tree at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA

A Sparrow Alights on the Brim of a Cement Birdbath Filled With Water and Coins Next to a Grave at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

A Couple of Lazy Garden Gnomes Loaf in the Afternoon Sun Upon a Tree Stump on a Front Lawn on Cottage Street in West Brookfield, MA

An Adorable Little Angel With Huge Eyes and a Small Girl in a Bathrobe Clutching a book and a Teddy Bear Stand Side by Side Each Other in a Front Yard Garden on Summer Street in Southbridge, MA

A Little Girl in Pigtails Plays the Violin at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA