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A Lone Stone Lion Seen Solemnly Sitting in an Extremely Small Yard in Front of a House on Bancroft Street in Worcester, MA


A Metal Sculpture of a Serpent-Like Dragon (Clutching a Sphere in Its Claws) Seen on a Lawn Surrounded by a Wrought-Iron Fence on Blueberry Hill in Webster, MA

A Bald-Headed Buddha Meditates in the Lotus Position on the Steps of a Small House on Brown Avenue in Hampton, NH

A Very Unusual Angel in the Form of a Kitty With Feathered Wings Takes a Catnap on Top of a Heafsy at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Concrete Garden Statue of the Virgin Mary Available For Purchase at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center at West Boylston, MA

Four Tiny Cherubs Stand Back to Back in a Front Yard Garden on Sturgis Street in Worcester, MA

A Rather Creepy Garden Gnome Discovered Buried up to His Chest in Front of a Cottage on Bittersweet Lane in Hampton, NH