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A Sand Sculpture Featuring A Pair of Porpoises and a Gigantic Seahorse Sculpted During the 2018 Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

A Pair of Stylized Dolphins Found on the Crumbling Facade of the R. H. Stearns Building (Which Once Housed a Department Store, But Is Now the Home of Residential Apartments) on Tremont Street in Boston, MA

A Very Unusual Combination Clock and Fountain With Various Motifs From the Italian Renaissance Including a Nubile Maiden, Wingless Putti (Naked Baby Boys), and Stylized Diving Dolphins Discovered in Front of a House on Garland Street in Worcester, MA

A Metal Statue of a Mermaid Caressing a Dolphin Discovered in a Backyard Overgrown With Foliage on Laurel Street in Worcester, MA

A Dolphin Duo Carefully Carry a Porcelain Pitcher and Basin Upon Their Backs in a Front Yard Garden on Birch Street in Worcester, MA

Aldus Crest.JPG
A Crest Carved in Stone Seen on the Side of the Aldus Chapin Higgins House in Worcester, Featuring the Famous Emblem of the Renaissance Printer Aldus Manutius (a Stylized Dolphin Wrapped Around an Anchor and the Motto “Festina Lente” Which Is Latin for “Make Haste Slowly”)

Boy on dolphin.jpg
“Boy With a Dolphin”, a Bronze Statue Sculpted by the Well-Known British Sculptor David Wynne, Stands in the Center of the Courtyard at One Chestnut Place in Worcester, MA