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Jesus Brookfield Cemetery B.jpg
A Statue of Jesus Christ Touching the Sacred Heart Upon His Chest With the Index Finger of Each Hand at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

joseph and baby jesus n woodstock cemetery.jpg
A Statue of Saint Joseph Holding the Infant Jesus Found at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, Connecticut 

Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus st marys putnam 2.JPG
A Marble Statue of a Mournful Madonna Holding the Infant Jesus Found at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Putnam, CT

A Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Seen at St. Anne’s Shrine in Sturbridge, MA

Nativity Voltage Boutique (3).JPG
Mary Holds the Sleeping Baby Jesus in Her Arms as Joseph Looks on in a Nativity Scene Seen in the Storefront Window of the Voltage Fashion Boutique on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Crucifix St Lukes
This Large, Dramatic Crucifix Towers Over the Tombstones and Monuments in the Center of St Luke’s Cemetery in Westborough, MA

This Statue of Jesus Christ, Pointing His Finger at the Sacred Heart He Bears on His Chest, Can Be Found at St Philip’s Cemetery in Grafton, MA