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St. Patrick Church Hampton Beach (6c)
A Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus Found on the Grounds of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Lyons Street in Hampton, NH

Jesus Bust Elmvale (2)
A Bust of Jesus Christ Pointing at His Sacred Heart Found Amidst Strands of Tall Grass at Elmvale Cemetery in East Woodstock, CT

An Extremely Tall and Slender Stylized Statue of Jesus Seen at St. Joseph Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Statue of the Infant Christ With Folded Dollar Bills Strapped to His Hands With Rubber Bands Seen in the Storefront Window of Botanica Las Mercedes on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA


Two of the Three Wise Men Seen Trekking up a Rocky Hill Bearing Gifts for the Baby Jesus as Part of the Christmas Nativity Scene Inside the Atrium at St. Vincent Hospital in Worcester, MA

IMG_20181125_235312 (2018-12-10T01_24_44.000)
A Shrine for the Holy Family Featuring Statues of Joseph, Mary, and the Child Jesus Found on the Grounds of St. Anne Shrine in Sturbridge, MA

A Life-Size Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ Found Appropriately at Sacred Heart Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA

A Statue of Jesus Christ Seen Raising Its Arms Toward Heaven at New Notre Dame Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

An Angel Seen Blowing a Trumpet Next to s Crucifixion Scene at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in North Grosvenordale, CT

A Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary Holding Baby Jesus Found at the Entrance of Mount Vernon Cemetery on the Grounds of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church on Worcester Street in West Boylston, MA