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A High Relief Sculpture of an Angel With Two Nude Children Carved on a Monument at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA


The New Hampshire Marine Memorial at Hampton Beach (a Granite Statue of a Grieving Woman Holding a Laurel Wreath While Gazing Eastward to the Atlantic Ocean) Serves as a Monument to All the State’s Servicemen Lost or Buried at Sea During the Second World War

Two Young Newcomers to This Nation Depicted on the Stainless Steel Immigrant Monument Found at Brewster Gardens in Plymouth, MA

One of the Four Weathered and Lichen-Covered Stone Faces of Jesus Found on the Corners of the Jones Family Monument at Pine Grove Cemetery in Leicester, MA

This Tremendous Stone Sphinx (a Mythological Creature With the Body of a Lion and the Head of a Human) Which Serves a a Memorial to Those Who Died in the American Civil War Can Be Found at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA

An Angel Stands Sentry Between Two Columns of Stone at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Bronze Eagle Mounted on Top of a Stone and Concrete Monument (Dedicated to the Veterans of WWI, WWII, and the Korean War) Found on the Edge of the Town Common at the Start of Central Street in Brookfield, MA