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A Granite Statue of a Woman, Dressed in Robes and Holding a Trumpet, Erected on Top of a Monument Found at St. Mary Cemetery in Norwich, CT


A Weathered Marble Statue of an Angel, Kneeling on a Cushion With Her Hands Folded in Prayer and Her Face Raised Toward Heaven, Discovered at St. Joseph Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Close-Up of a Statue of a Praying Angel Standing Before a Large Cross Seen at St. Joseph Cemetery in Norwich, CT

A Statue of a Weeping Woman Clinging to a Large Cross Found High on Top of the Hall Family Monument at New Plainfield Cemetery in Plainfield, CT

A Close-Up of a Little Girl Hugging Her Doll in a Scene Depicting the Legendary Spags Department Store Found on the Bronze Memorial to the Store’s Owner Anthony “Spag” Borgatti at Lakeway Commons in Shrewsbury, MA

This Bronze Statue of the Great American Writer Nathaniel Hawthorne was Erected in 1925 on Hawthorne Boulevard in Salem, MA

A High-Relief Sculpture of the Archangel Gabriel Blowing His Trumpet as a Saved Soul Kneels by His Side Found on the Granite Monument of the Whittall Family at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA