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One of Four Nearly Identical Granite Lions Found at Each Corner of the Heywood Family Monument at Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, MA


A Weatherworn White Marble Statue of an Angel Missing Her Right Hanf and the Tip of Her Left Wing Seen at Harmony Grove Cemetery in Salem, MA

A Weary Angel Is Seen Resting Against a Heart-Shaped Black Marble Gravestone on the Front Lawn of Negus and Taylor Monuments in Greenfield, MA

An Angel in Flowing Robes Prays Next to a Blank Headstone on the Front Lawn of Negus and Taylor Monuments Located at 9 Mill Street in Greenfield, MA

A Close-Up of the Bronze Memorial to Legendary Local Department Store Owner Anthony “Spay” Borgatti Recently Erected at Lakeway Commons in Shrewsbury, MA

A Weatherworn Stone Statue of an Angel Seen on Top of a Monument at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Weather-Eroded Marble Eagle Roosting on Top of a Granite Monument at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA