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A Flying Piglet Found on the Shelves at Walmart in West Boylston, MA


A Small Metal Pig With Wings Seen Mounted as a Hood Ornament on an Old Truck at an Antique Truck Show Held Late Last Year at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

A Limestone Carving of a Boar’s Head Juts out from the “Joseph McKean” (Also Known as “Porcellian” or “Boylston”) Gate to Harvard Yard on Massachusetts Avenue in Cambridge, MA

Piglet Planter Kingsbury Street
A Planter in the Shape of a Piglet Found in Front of a House on Kingsbury Street in Worcester, MA

Hog Ralphs Diner.JPG
A Concrete Hog, With Two Round Holes Where Its Ears Should Be, Roots Around in a Patch of Small Rocks in Front of Ralph’s Diner on Grove Street in Worcester, MA

This Happy Hog Is Just One Member of a Porcine Menagerie That Has Gathered in the Storefront Window of Annie’s Clark Brunch on the Corner of Woodland and Main Street (Adjacent to the Campus of Clark University) in Worcester, MA

A Sheep, a Cow, and a Pig Pose For a Photo Outside the Sturbridge Yankee Peddlar on Main Street in Sturbridge, Massachusetts