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A White Persian Cat Lingers Next to a Grave at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA


A Little Girl Wearing Pigtails Pokes Her Upper Torso Through a Rubber Tire While Holding Her Pet Kitten in Her Lap at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Wildcat Davison College 2A
Special Thanks to Colby Carter for Granting Permission to Post His Snapshot of the Bronze Statue of Davidson College’s Mascot, a Charging Wildcat, Located on Baker Drive at the School’s Campus in Davidson, North Carolina

Cat Asheville
I Want to Thank Colby Carter for Allowing Me to Post This Photo in Which He Captured a Cast Metal Cat Clinging to a Lamp Post on Wall Street in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina

Kitten Mount Zion
An Adorable Kitten Looks up From His Position on Top of a Granite Headstone at Mount Zion Cemetery in Webster, MA

Cat & Dog Tufts at Tech.JPG
This Large Wooden Sculpture of a Dog Standing on the Shoulders of a Cat Can Be Found Not Far From the Entrance of Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic Located at Worcester Technical High School on Skyline Drive in Worcester, MA

One of a Trio of Loyal Lions Protecting a Home on Channing Street in Worcester, MA