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An Angel in the Form of a Winged Cat Naps on the Base of a Gravestone While a Small Bird Nestles in the Crook of Its Tail at Mountain View Cemetery in Shrewsbury, MA


A Creepy Cat-Like Grotesque Caught Creeping up the Exterior of the Burrage House in Boston, MA

A Demonic Kitty Cat With Bat Wings Spotted Sitting on a Shelf in the Storefront Window of Hex: Old World Witchery on Essex Street in Salem, MA

A Very Unusual Angel in the Form of a Kitty With Feathered Wings Takes a Catnap on Top of a Headstone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

This Cat-Like Gargoyle With Wings Is Just One of the Many Fantastical Creatures That Can Be Found on the Exterior of the Burrage House on the Corner of Hereford Street and Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts

A Persian Cat Preens and Poses For a Photograph at Jungle Jim’s Garden Center in West Boylston, MA

Cat Sculpture Naked Bohemian North Conway NH
A Metal Sculpture of an Anthropomorphic Cat Toting a Machine Gun Seen Standing on the Sidewalk in Front of the Naked Bohemian on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH