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A Stone Bust of 19th Century American Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Found in the Courtyard Garden of the Wayside Inn in Sudbury, MA (Which Was Immortalized in His Book of Poetry “Tales of the Wayside Inn”)


The Face of a Monstrous Creature Spotted in the Marble Facade of
the Boston Opera House on Washington Street in Boston, MA

Egyptian Pharoah
An Ancient Statue Carved From Limestone of the Mysterious Egyptian Figure Hapidefai (Whose Significance Is Lost to History) Found on Display at the Worcester Art Museum

Lion Park Lion8
The Leg of a Granite Bench Carved Into the Shape of a Miniature Lion Found at Leicester Lions Park in Leicester, MA

A Weary Angel Is Seen Resting Against a Heart-Shaped Black Marble Gravestone on the Front Lawn of Negus and Taylor Monuments in Greenfield, MA

A Granite Statue of a Firefighter Manning a Fire Hose Found in Front of Shrewsbury Fire Department Station 2 on Harrington Avenue in Shrewsbury, MA

The Chubby Face of a Cherub Found on the Marble Facade of an Office Building on Boylston Street in Boston, MA