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A Small Serpentine Dragon Spotted on a Corner of the Roof of a Pagoda-Style Gateway That Leads to the Courtyard of the Pho Hien Buddhist Meditation Temple Located on Dewey Street in Worcester, MA


A Metal Sculpture of a Serpent-Like Dragon (Clutching a Sphere in Its Claws) Seen on a Lawn Surrounded by a Wrought-Iron Fence on Blueberry Hill in Webster, MA

One of Four Horse-Like Dragons Carved of the Stone Found on the Chinese Gospel Church (Formerly Our Lady of Fatima) on Belmont Street in Worcester, MA

A Small Dragonesque Creature Carved on the Original Stone Facade of the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, MA

A Small Winged Gargoyle With the Head of a Lion and the Tail of a Dragon Sits on a Wooden Ledge That Runs Along the Front of the Historic Blackington Building on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

An Extremely Toothy Dragon’s Head Displayed on the Wall as Part of the “Fantastic Beasts in Iconography” Exhibit at the Museum of Russian Icons in Clinton, MA

Dragon Sever Street.JPG
The Upper Torso of a Dragon Juts Out From a Wooden Door of a House on Sever Street in Worcester, MA