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Dragon Sever Street.JPG
The Upper Torso of a Dragon Juts Out From a Wooden Door of a House on Sever Street in Worcester, MA

The Face of an Asian Dragon, Sticking Out Its Tongue, Stares Out From a Marble Urn in the Courtyard at the Pho Hien Buddhist Meditation Temple on Dewey Street in Worcester, MA

A Winged Dragon-Like Grotesque Stands Guard Next to a Garage at the End of an Asphalt Driveway off Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

Baby Dragons Bellevue Street A.JPG
Two Baby Dragons Take Cover Behind a Small Stone With the Inscription “Welcome Friends” in Front of a House on Bellevue Street, Worcester, MA

A Frog. a Dragon, and a Lion Band Together to Guard and Protect a Brick Abode on Downing Street in Worcester, MA

Wrought Iron Gate Dartmouth Street Boston
A Close-Up of a Fantastical Dragonesque Creature (With a Long, Whip-Like Barbed Tongue) Found in the Design of a Wrought Iron Gate in Front of a Brownstone Under Repair on Dartmouth Street in Boston, MA

Marble Dragon Massasoit Road
One of a Pair of Marble Dragons Flanking the Front Entrance of a Private Residence on Massasoit Road in Worcester, MA