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A Slate Gravestone From the Late 1600s Carved With Double Cherubs Seen at the Old Burying Ground in Cambridge, MA


Just One of Multiple Faces Carved of Stone That Peer Out From the Facade of the Original Cambridge Public Library on Broadway in Cambridge, MA

A Snarling Lion’s Head For Sale Seen Hanging on a Wall at Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

A Petite Fairy Clutches a Bouquet of Posies as She Kneels on the Base of a Gravestone at Pine Grove Cemetery in Whitinsville, MA

An Anthropomorphic Sun with Wrought Iron Scroll-Work Rays Seen Hanging on the Exterior of a Cottage on Ocean Boulevard in Hampton, NH

A Devilish Green Man With Horns For Sale at the Naked Bohemian Gift Shop on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH

Water Streams From an Urn Held by a Female Figure Dressed in Flowing Robes Standing Atop the Cast Iron Rice Memorial Fountain Located on the West Brookfield Common in West Brookfield, MA