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A Close-Up of the Head of a Dragon Carved in Stone on the Facade of the Historic Burrage House on the Corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Hereford Street in Boston, MA

ireland personification Patrick Andrew Collins
A Bronze Statue Representing the Personification of Ireland in the Form of a Woman Wearing a Crown of Shamrocks and Holding a Harp Under Her Left Arm as Part of a Monument to Former Congressman and Mayor of Boston, Patrick Andrew Collins, Erected on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA

Commonwealth  Greenman.JPG
The Face of a Wolf-Like Green Man Spotted on a Brownstone on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Massachusetts

A Bronze Statue of Former First Lady, Abigail Adams, Stands Against a Large Block of Granite as Part of the Boston Women’s Memorial on Commonwealth Avenue

Burrage House Entrance
A Winged Chimera Hovers Above the Name Plate Posted Near the Front Entrance of the Burrage House on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA

phillis Wheatley
The Bronze Statue of Phillis Wheatley (the First African-American Poet to Have a Book Published), on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, Appears to Be Contemplating What Lies Inside the Canvas Lunch Box Which a Tourist Has Placed in Front of Her

Face  Commomwealth Ave Boston C
The Bearded Face of a Man (or, Perhaps, an Unidentified Greek or Roman God) Stares Out From a Large Brass Urn in Front of a Brownstone on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA