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Bear and Cub Settlers Crossing N Conway 2
A Black Bear and Her Cub Spotted in the Small Courtyard Between J. Crew and G.H. Bass & Co. in the Center of the Settlers Green Outlet Village Located at 2 Common Court Just off Route 16 in North Conway, NH (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 9,  2017)

Teddy Bear Notre Dame C
A Rather Dejected and Weather-Beaten Teddy Bear, Wearing a Diaper, Mopes Next to a Tombstone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on May 19,  2015)

Rockport Lion Cub
A Lone Lion Cub Guards a Small but Lush Private Garden off School Street in Rockport, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 19, 2014)

Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus Children's Cemetery (2)
The Blessed Mother Mary Cradles a Sleeping Baby Jesus in Her Arms at St. Joseph Children’s Cemetery in Webster, MA

St. Patrick Church Hampton Beach (6c)
A Marble Statue of the Virgin Mary and the Infant Jesus Found on the Grounds of St. Patrick’s Catholic Church on Lyons Street in Hampton, NH

A Young Deer Seen Lying in the Grass at Hillside Cemetery in Auburn, MA

A Pair of Sleeping Children Carved in Marble by Sculptor William H. Rinehart in 1875 Seen on Display in the Bennington Museum at Bennington, VT

Duckling Munyon Cemetery Putnam CT
A Baby Duckling Spotted Quacking Atop a Rustic Gravestone at Munyan Cemetery in Putnam, CT

A Fair-Haired Infant Prepares to Blows a Kiss as He Sits Near a Grave at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

fawn and doe spencer
A Mother Doe Nuzzles Her Fawn in the Store Front Window of Mystyc’s Majickal Shoppe on Main Street in Spencer, MA