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A Cute Little Ghost Tries to Cheer up a Depressed-Looking Cadaver on Mason Street in Worcester, MA


Skull Spectre Ludlow Street A.JPG
A Skull-Faced Specter in Chains Floats Above the Top of a Long Set of Concrete Steps Leading up to a Home on Ludlow Street in Worcester, MA

Ghosts from Skull Spencer
Three Terrifying Specters Emerge from a Gigantic Skull in the Front Yard of a House on Pleasant Street in Spencer While a Frightened Little Ghost, Clutching a Jack O’Lantern, Looks on

Trick or Treat Ghoul Spencer 2
A Ghostly Ghoul Tries to Conceal Herself Behind a Novelty Tombstone in the Front Yard of a Home on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

A Ghostly Skeleton With a Round Skull and Pot Belly Appears to Float Mysteriously Over the Counter at Woosta Pizza on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Ghost of Hamlet's Father
The Ghost of Hamlet’s Father Stares Out From a Carved Marble Plaque on Display at the Worcester art Museum