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skeletal spectre 2A
A Skeletal Specter Spotted Haunting a Front Lawn on Winfield Street in Worcester, MA

Headless Horseman (2).JPG
The Headless Horseman Seen Riding His Demonic Steed Across an Open Field on Fabyan Road in Dudley, MA

A Faceless Spectre Dragging Chains and Holding a Lantern Seen Floating on the Front Lawn of a Home on May Street in Worcester, MA

A Skull-Faced Specter in White Haunts the Front Porch of The Copper Stallion Pub on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

A Black Cat Rubs Against a Friendly Little Ghost Clutching a Jack O’Lantern in Front of a Porch of a House on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

Skeletal Bride Family Dollar Worcester MA.JPG
A Skeletal Bride Drapes Herself Around the Loss Prevention Scanner at the Entrance of the Family Dollar on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

A Cute Little Ghost Tries to Cheer up a Depressed-Looking Cadaver on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

Skeleton Ludlow Street Worcester MA
A Skull-Faced Specter in Chains Floats Above the Top of a Long Set of Concrete Steps Leading up to a Home on Ludlow Street in Worcester, MA

Ghosts from Skull Spencer
Three Terrifying Specters Emerge from a Gigantic Skull in the Front Yard of a House on Pleasant Street in Spencer While a Frightened Little Ghost, Clutching a Jack O’Lantern, Looks on

Trick or Treat Ghoul Spencer 2
A Ghostly Ghoul Tries to Conceal Herself Behind a Novelty Tombstone in the Front Yard of a Home on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA