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An Extremely Weathered Cast Iron Lion’s Head Found on What Appears to Be an Antique Electrical Utility Box on Avenue A in Downtown Turners Falls, Massachusetts


This Bronze Statue of the Great American Writer Nathaniel Hawthorne was Erected in 1925 on Hawthorne Boulevard in Salem, MA

One of a Pair of Heavily Tarnished Bronze Statues of Lions That Flank the Granite Steps Which Lead to the Entrance of The Capital Grille on Boylston Street in Boston, MA

A Bronze Statue of a Woman Textile Worker by French Sculptor Leon Cugnot Seen Standing in Spinner Park at the Corner of Avenue A and 4th Street in Turners Falls, MA

The Menacing Alien Creature From the Movie “Alien” Sculpted From Scrap Pieces of Metal Seen at This Year’s North Quabbin Garlic Festival in Orange, MA

A Forged Copper Weathervane (in the Shape of a Grizzly Bear) Seen Atop the Cupola of One of the Many Small Wooden Outbuildings Found on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, MA

A Small Silver Statue of an Eagle in Fight Seen Outside the Entrance of Commercial Bank Field at Foley Stadium on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA