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Fairy Pine Grove Spencer MA
A Weather-Beaten Fairy Sits With a Large Blossom in Her Lap While Holding a Tiny Butterfly in Her Right Palm at Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA


A Diminutive Fairy Pets a Tiny Bunny Rabbit at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Fairy St Joesph childrens Cemetery
A Fairy Found Holding a Bouquet of White Lilies at St. Joseph Children’s Cemetery in Webster, MA

A Petite Fairy, Wearing a Bonnet and Missing Her Left Hand, Loiters in Front of a Gravestone at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Itsy bitsy fairy mt vernon w boylston ma
An Itty-Bitty Fairy Holds Her Tiny Face in Her Hands as She Daydreams at Mount Vernon Cemetery in West Boylston, MA

A Petite Fairy Examines a Volume of Magical Lore as She Sits Cross-Legged at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, Vermont

A Forest Fairy Closes Her Eyes and Summons the Forces of Mother Nature in a Front Window Display at Savers Bank on Main Street in Southbridge, MA