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A Fairy, Whose Wings Are Decorated With a Stylized Flower Design, Holds a Shallow Bowl Filled With a Large Field Stone and a Couple of Sticks Tied Together With a Bow at Sacred Heart Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA


As the Sun Sets, an Inquisitive Fairy Attempts to Read a Book of Mystical Lore by Lantern Light at Calvary Cemetery in Dudley, MA

A Wee Fairy Gently Holds a Delicate Butterfly in the Palms of Her Hands at Mount Zion Cemetery in Webster, MA

A Petite Fairy Blows a Kiss While Holding a Tiny Bouquet of Flowers at Pine Grove Cemetery in Whitinsville, MA

A Lithe Little Fairy Loiters Beneath an Extremely Slender Tree in a Front Yard on Cherry Street in Spencer, MA

A Petite Fairy, Splattered With Dried Grass Clippings, Sits Cross-Legged and Stares into a Tiny Crystal Ball at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

Fairy with Crystal Ball St Marys Putnam B
A Diminutive Fairy Gazes into a Tiny Crystal Ball as She Sits Cross-Legged on the Base of a Gravestone at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Putnam, CT