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Pirate Girl Smokeshop 3A
The Store Windows of the Pirate Girl Smoke Boutique on Court Street in Plymouth Are Filled With the Unusual Combination of Human Skulls, Treasure Chests, and Bunny Rabbits (All Painted Powder Pink)

Skeleton Pirate Hamptopn Beach 2D
A Skeletal Pirate and His Parrot Stands Sentry at the Entrance of Buc’s Lagoon at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Pirate Buc's Lagoon B
A Gigantic Peg Legged Pirate Terrorizes Miniature Golfers With His Saber at Buc’s Lagoon on Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Pegleg Pete2

Peg Leg Pete the Pirate Surveys the Sea From His Post Atop of the Peg Leg Inn on Beach Street in Rockport, MA