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A Copper Sculpture Entitled “Sighting the Course for Seacoast New Hampshire” by William Barth Osmundsen Depicting an Old-Time Seaman Navigating Wirh a Triangular-Shaped Sextant Seen Atop the Weathervane Mounted on the Cupola of the Seabrook Rest Area & Welcome Center in Seabrook, NH

A Forged Copper Weathervane (in the Shape of a Grizzly Bear) Seen Atop the Cupola of One of the Many Small Wooden Outbuildings Found on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, MA

A Brass Horse in the Form of a Weathervane Can Be Seen Galloping Over the Cupola Attached to the Top of the Longfellow Manor Apartment Building on Main Street in Worcester, MA

Dog Weathervane The Cove 2C.JPG
A Weathervane in the Shape of an Irish Setter Atop The Cove Music Hall on Green Street in Worcester Remains as a Reminder of the Establishment’s Previous Incarnation as The Lucky Dog