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A Sand Sculpture of a Pair of Preening Peafowl Seen at This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire


A Clay Bust of an Unidentified Man on Display at the Princeton Public Library in Princeton, MA

The Stone Visage of a Medieval Monarch Wearing a Crown Glares Across the Courtyard From Atop of Adolphus Busch Hall on the Campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

A Granite Statue of a Woman in a Robe, Holding a Large Cross in Her Left Hand While Pointing With Her Right Index Finger up Toward the Sky, Stands on Top of the Monument for Industrialist and Inventor John Crane Whitin Located at Pine Grove Cemetery in the Village of Whitinsville, MA (Named After John’s Father Paul)

Father Time Spotted Literately Holding Time in His Hands in the Form of a Carved Wooden Clock Standing Next to the Entrance of the Worcester Trading Post on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

A Vintage Chrome Hood Ornament in the Form of the Manufacturer’s Mascot, a Stylised English Bulldog, Found on a Restored Mack Truck at an Antique Truck Show Last Year at the Bolton Fairgrounds in Lancaster, MA

This Carving of a Kneeling Monk Resting His Weary Head on the Stack of Books He Struggles to Hold on to Is Fittingly Found on the Original Stone Facade of the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, MA