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Cat Sculpture Naked Bohemian North Conway NH
A Metal Sculpture of an Anthropomorphic Cat Toting a Machine Gun Seen Standing on the Sidewalk in Front of the Naked Bohemian on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH


A Gargoyle With a Solemn Expression on His Face Seen Ruminating in the Courtyard of Adolphus Busch Hall on the Campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

Over 120 Identical Angel Statues Inspired by the Novel “The Christmas Box” by Richard Paul Evans Have Been Erected in Locations All Over the World Including This One Found at St. Anne Shrine in Sturbridge, MA

A Weather-Corroded Sculpture of a Lamb Found Carved on Top of a Child’s Tombstone at West Thompson Cemetery in West Thompson, CT

Buddha Surveys the Surrounding Area While Sitting on the Roof of Chua Linh Son Buddhist Temple in Worcester, MA

A Statue of a Young Girl Holding a Bowl in Each Hand Found at St. Luke’s Cemetery in Westborough, MA

A Pirate Captain With a Hook For a Hand Seen Standing Behind Some Shrubbery Next
to the Comfort Inn & Suites on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH