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Duckling Munyon Cemetery Putnam CT
A Baby Duckling Spotted Quacking Atop a Rustic Gravestone at Munyan Cemetery in Putnam, CT

Make way for duckling 2 (2)
An Excited Little Boy Hugs Mrs. Mallard, the Mother Duck, as She Leads Her Bronze Ducklings Through the Boston Public Gardens in Boston, MA

A Weather-Worn Donald Duck Figurine Found on the Base of a Moss-Covered Gravestone at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, CT

A Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Ducky Seen on the Town Common During Autumn Fest in Southbridge, MA

A Sculpture of a Duck-Like Creature Fashioned From Plastic Bottles Found at the WSU Teaching Garden on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA

A Black Hunting Dog Sits With a Mallard Duck in His Mouth in Front of the Sturbridge Yankee Peddlar on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

boy duck dog fountain huntington.JPG
A Gigantic Duck and Her Ducklings Watch as a Small Boy Lifts His Puppy So It Can Drink From a Water Fountain in the Front Yard of a House on Huntington Circle in Worcester, MA