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A Forest Fairy Closes Her Eyes and Summons the Forces of Mother Nature in a Front Window Display at Savers Bank on Main Street in Southbridge, MA


A Severely Weather-Beaten Statue of an Unidentified Saint Found on the Grounds of St. Hedwig’s Church in Southbridge, MA

An Adorable Dalmatian Puppy Sniffs a Dandelion Plant at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

A Petite Fairy, Splattered With Dried Grass Clippings, Sits Cross-Legged and Stares into a Tiny Crystal Ball at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

baby angel oak ridge 3
A Baby Angel Balances a Rose Blossom on a Pillow Upon His Knees as He Reclines on a Flat Grave Marker at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA

Owl Hamilton Southbridge A.JPG
A Stylized Metallic Owl Seen Roosting on a Concrete Pedestal in a Front Yard Cluttered With Junk on Hamilton Street in Southbridge, MA

The Mascot of the Big Bunny Market in Southbridge Endured Numerous Abductions by Local Pranksters Through Out the Years Before Being Firmly Secured to Scaffolding High Above the Roof of the Grocery Store