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A Pair of Skeletal Crows Gather in Front of a House on Winfield Street in Worcester, MA


The Rotting Cadaver of a Pirate Captain Sits on and Guards a Wooden Treasure Chest Near the Entrance of Buc’s Lagoon on Ocean Boulevard at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

Skull Spectre Ludlow Street A.JPG
A Skull-Faced Specter in Chains Floats Above the Top of a Long Set of Concrete Steps Leading up to a Home on Ludlow Street in Worcester, MA

A Skeletal Corpse Rises From the Ground After Being Buried in Front of a House on Blaine Street in Worcester, MA

day-of-the-dead-skulls-walgreens-aA Pair of Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Dressed in Festive Holiday Attire for Sale on the Shelves of the Walgreens on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

Skeleton Savers.JPG
A Female Skeleton, Wearing a Flower in Her Long-Flowing Hair, Caught Hanging Around Inside the Savers Thrift Store on Lincoln Street in Worcester, MA

Harmonica Skulls Walgreens.JPG
Twin Skeletons (Dressed in Identical Plaid Shirts and Overalls) Play a Harmonica Duet Together While Sitting on a Shelf at the Park Avenue Walgreens in Worcester, MA