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Nude Magnolia Plantation (2)
A Marble Statue of a Female Nude Spied Among the Lush Foliage on the Grounds of the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston, SC (Photo Courtesy of John Carter)

A Moss-Covered Figure of a Nude Child Clutching a Crumbling Cornucopia on Top of a Monument at North Cemetery in Sturbridge, MA

An Example of a Putto (a Chubby Male Child Usually Naked and Winged) Representing Either a Cherub or (More Likely in This Case) Cupid Carrying a Bunch of Large Grapes on His Shoulder in a Front Yard Garden on Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

A Sand Sculpture of a Nude Female Figure Emerging From a a Series of Vertical Rectangular Blocks Seen at This Year’s Master Sand Sculpting Competition Held Last June at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire

A High Relief Sculpture of an Angel With Two Nude Children Carved on a Monument at Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, MA

infant jesuses-wam
From a Recent Exhibition at the Worcester Art Museum of Spanish and Portuguese Colonial Religious Art From 17th & 18th Century South America Entitled “Highest Heaven”, a Couple of Nude Infant Jesuses Carved From Ivory on Display (Note the Inexplicable Sight of the Infant Jesus on the Left Resting His Right Hand on What Appears to Be the Skull of a Human Baby on a Pedestal!)

Cupid Main Street Southbridge.JPG
A Surprisingly Anatomically Correct Depiction of Cupid, the Roman God of Love and Desire, Seen (Without His Signature Bow and Arrows) on a Large Black Cast Iron Planter Along the Side of Main Street in Southbridge, MA