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A Bronze Bunny Seen Loitering Beside a Grave at Liberty Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, CT


A Young Boy, Not Wearing Any Clothes, Holds a Bunny Rabbit to His Chest at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Brass Bunny Lifts His Head and Sniffs the Air in a Small Garden Just Outside the Entrance of the Crompton Collective in Worcester, MA

A White Bunny Rabbit Poses Next to a Mirror Sphere in a Bird Bath Filled With Dirt Seen in Front of a House on Columbus Street in Worcester, MA

A Diminutive Fairy Pets a Tiny Bunny Rabbit at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, MA

A Forest Fairy Closes Her Eyes and Summons the Forces of Mother Nature in a Front Window Display at Savers Bank on Main Street in Southbridge, MA

An Adorable Little Angel Hugs His Pet Bunny Rabbit in a Lonely Corner of Barnes Memorial Cemetery in West Brookfield, MA