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Bunny N Woodstock.JPG
A Smiling Bunny Rabbit Seen Sitting on the Base of a Polished Black Granite Headstone at North Woodstock Cemetery in North Woodstock, CT

BunnyKangaroo Pleasant Spencer 2B
An Unidentified Creature That Appears to Be a Cross Between a Jack Rabbit and a Kangaroo Crouches Next to a Front Yard off Pleasant Street in Spencer, MA

Angel with Animals Park Lawn A.jpg
A Critter-Loving Cherub Surrounded by Birds and Bunnies Seen at Park Lawn Cemetery in Bennington, MA

angel and Bunny norcross 2
An Unusually Thin Cherub With Rather Small Wings Holds What Appears to Be a Chocolate Bunny Rabbit in His Lap Next to a Home on Norcross Street in Worcester, MA

Two Tiny Fairies (One Holding an Itty-Bitty Bunny Rabbit) Stand Side by Side in Front of a Gravestone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Boy and Bunnies ND B.jpg
A Young Boy Sits and Plays With A Pair of Bunny Rabbits and a Squirrel at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA

Bubby n st hampton A.JPG
A Bunny Rabbit Clutches a Carrot in His Front Paws in a Small Garden in Front of a Cottage on N Street in Hampton, NH