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A Tech-Savvy Frog Checks His Emails on His Laptop as He Squats on an Ivy-Covered Tree Stump in Front of a House on Bellevue Street in Worcester, MA


An Anthropomorphic Frog Dressed in Overalls Loiters in Front of a House on Stone Street in Auburn, MA

Frog dewey Street 2
An Anthropomorphic Frog, Holding an Umbrella, Gazes up Toward the Sky as He Stands Next to a Glass Tube to Measure Rainfall in Front of the Offices of Phoenix Marketing & Advertising Inc. on Dewey Street in Worcester, MA

Buddha Frog Pleasant Street
A Frog Buddha Serenely Meditates in Front of a House on Pleasant Street in Worcester, MA

Chimp playing Bongos Norccross
A Hip Chimpanzee in a T-Shirt Keeps the Beat on the Bongos Next to the Driveway of a Home on Norcross Street in Worcester, MA

Frog w umbrella sacred heart 3C
An Anthropomorphic Frog, Clutching an Open Umbrella, Holds out His Palm to Check for Rain at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Webster, MA

Bunny Rabbit With Lantern May Street.JPG
An Anthromorphic Bunny Rabbit Seen Standing up on His Rear Feet and Holding an Unlit Lantern in His Front Paws on the Moss-Covered Cement Steps of a Home on May Street in Worcester, MA