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A Small Cast Iron Figurine of a Snarling Bear Left on a Grave at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on July 18, 2019) 

A Forged Copper Weathervane (in the Shape of a Grizzly Bear) Seen Atop the Cupola of One of the Many Small Wooden Outbuildings Found on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on October 10, 2018)

A Weatherworn Wooden Carving of a Panda Bear Seen on the Porch of Yak Arts International Gallery in Orleans, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on July 2, 2017)

Grizzly Adams Tombstone
A Well-Worn But Still Visible Carving, Depicting John “Grizzly” Adams (You May Remember the Movie and/or T.V. Series Based on His Life From the 1970s) With One of His Bears, Can Be Seen on His Tombstone at Bay Path Cemetery in Charlton, Massachusetts (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on September 23, 2015)

Carved BearA
A Very Patriotic Wooden Bear Holds a Lantern in One Paw, and Waves an American Flag With His Other in Front of a House on West Main Street in Dudley, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on June 20, 2014)

A Small Bear Dangles a Large Fish From His Paw as He Stands on a Wooden Stump in Front of a Cottage on Old Island Path in Hampton NH (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on June 28, 2018)

Bear and Cub Settlers Crossing N Conway 2
A Black Bear and Her Cub Spotted in the Small Courtyard Between J. Crew and G.H. Bass & Co. in the Center of the Settlers Green Outlet Village Located at 2 Common Court Just off Route 16 in North Conway, NH (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 9,  2017)

A Wooden Bear, Wearing a Hat and Reading a Book, Very Appropriately Sits Outside The Book Bear Book Store on West Main Street in West Brookfield, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on June 18,  2017)

Teddy Bear Notre Dame C
A Rather Dejected and Weather-Beaten Teddy Bear, Wearing a Diaper, Mopes Next to a Tombstone at Notre Dame Cemetery in Worcester, MA  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on May 19,  2015)

Smokey Bear Kittery ME
Smokey the Bear Reminds Visitors at the Maine State Visitor Information Center in Kittery to Do All They Can to Prevent Forest Fires (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on September 13,  2015)