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Lamb tombstone Sacred Heart 2.JPG
The Depiction of a Lamb on the Top of a Tombstone (Such as This One Found at Sacred Heart Cemetery in Webster, MA) Traditionally Indicates the Grave of a Child

A Child-Like Angel Seen Hugging a Lost Little Lamb Near a Grave at Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA

Saint Francis Hudson Street.JPG
Saint Francis of Assisi Tends to a Small Bird and a Lamb as He Kneels in Front of a Brick House on Hudson Street in Worcester, MA

Aquarius the Water Bearer and a Lamb Seen Together in the Front Yard of a Home on Kingsbury Street in Worcester, MA

good shepherd all saints 3a.JPG
A Bronze Statue of the Good Shepherd Tending to a Lamb Seen in the Courtyard of the All Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester, MA

An Embarrassed Ewe and Her Lamb Try to Ignore a Pair of Affectionate Bunny Rabbits in the Front Yard of a Home on Chatham Street in Worcester

Boy and Lamb St Lukes
A Young Shepherd Boy Holds a Lamb Tenderly in His Arms at St. Luke’s Cemetery in Westborough, MA

A Lamb With a Halo and Waving a Banner (a Symbol, Known as “Agnus Dei”, Representing Christ as the “Lamb of God”) Can Be Seen Above the Front Entrance of Saint Spyridon Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Russell Street in Worcester, MA

Lamb tombstone Oak Ridge
A Lamb, Symbolizing Innocence and Sacrifice, Found on a Tombstone (Such as This One at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Southbridge, MA) Usually Signifies the Grave of a Child

St Francis at St Paul C
The Aged, Weatherworn Statue of Saint Francis of Assisi Missing a Right Hand in the Courtyard of the Cathedral of Saint Paul at 15 Chatham Street in Worcester Has Been Recently Replaced With This Brand New One With All His Limbs Intact