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A Grimacing Gargoyle Grips a Surprisingly Still Functional Double Van Der Graaf Generator Above the Entrance of the Old Exhibition Hall on Agricultural Street Built for the Failed Worcester International Electro-Technical Exhibition of 1891*


As you probably suspected, the photograph is an April Fools Day hoax, and the gargoyle, Exhibition Hall, and the Worcester International Electro-Technical Exhibition of 1891 exists, for the most part, only in my imagination. The gargoyle in the photograph is, in reality, the weightlifting grotesque from the old C Auditorium, with a grimacing gargoyle head I sculpted from Plasticine, pasted on in Photoshop, while his dumb bells masquerade as the supposed double Van der Graaf generator (with the help of a pair of superimposed starburst lens flares). You may be surprised to learn that the International Electro-Technical Exhibition of 1891 was an actual event. However, it was held in Frankfurt, Germany, not Worcester, Massachusetts. Although you will not find Agricultural Street on any present day map of Worcester, that was the original name of Russell Street, the current day location of the campus of Becker CollegeWorcester Agricultural Fairgrounds, as well as once the home of the long gone Worcester Agricultural Fairgrounds, the site of the first perfect game ever pitched in Major League baseball. You might think the last fact is also an April Fools Day prank, but believe it or not, it’s true and you can look it up (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on April 1, 2015).