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Zombie Woostah Pizza.JPG
Now That It Is October, There Have Been Numerous Sightings of the Walking Dead Reported Recently Throughout Worcester Including This One Inside Woosta Pizza on Main Street

Zombified Cat & Squirrel Elm Street B.JPG
In What Appears to Be a Scene From an All Animal Version of “The Night of the Living Dead”, a Terrified Squirrel Watches From Out of the Corner of His Eye as an Apparently Zombified Cat, Wearing a Bow Tie, Claws His Way Up From the Ground After Being Buried in a Front Yard Garden on Elm Street in Worcester, MA

A Reanimated but Still Decaying Cadaver Attempts to Climb Over a Chain Link Fence on Mason Street in Worcester, MA

A Ghoulish Child Sits and Waits for Victims on the Unkempt Lawn of a House on Bellevue Street in Worcester, MA

Halloween Outlet
A Pair of Zombified Garden Gnomes Team up With an Evil Clown to Terrorize Shoppers at the Halloween Outlet on West Boylston Street in Worcester, MA