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Inflatable Turkey 2 chatham Street
A Snapshot of a Giant Inflatable Turkey Taken Today on Chatham Street During My Annual After the Thanksgiving Feast Stroll through the Streets of My Neighborhood in Worcester, MA

Orson the Polar Bear, Polar Beverages’ 25-Foot Inflatable Mascot, Can Be Seen by Drivers on I-290 West Standing on the Company’s Factory Building on Southbridge Street in Worcester, MA

Inflatable Chicken Big E
A Giant Inflatable Chicken Advertises the Lions Clubs International Lions Den Eatery at the Big E Held on the Eastern States Exposition Grounds in West Springfield, MA

An Inflatable Carfax Car Fox Surveys the Lot at CAS Auto Center Located on Park Avenue in Worcester, MA

A Trio of Inflatable Minions Attempt to Decorate a Christmas Tree on the Front Lawn of a House on Sever Street in Worcester, MA

An Inflatable Vampiric Mickey Mouse Stalks the Front Lawn of a House on Rupert Street in Worcester, MA

An Inflatable Halloween Creature With a Jack O’Lantern for a Head and Spindly Skeletal Hands Casts a Creepy Black Shadow on a Late October Afternoon on Longfellow Road in Worcester, Massachusetts

A Gigantic Inflatable Rubber Ducky Seen on the Town Common During Autumn Fest in Southbridge, MA

A Gigantic Inflatable Rat Protesting Unfair Wages Seen Sitting on the Sidewalk on Main Street in Downtown Worcester, MA

An Entire Family of Illuminated Inflatable Snowmen Gather in the Fenced-In Front Yard of a Multiple-Family House on Chandler Street in Worcester, MA