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A Winged Dragon-Like Grotesque Stands Guard Next to a Garage at the End of an Asphalt Driveway off Main Street in Sturbridge, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on November 15,  2016)

Cornerstone Creations, Sturbridge, MA
A Serpent-Like Dragon Burrows Through the Front Lawn of Cornerstone Creations on Main Street in Sturbridge, Massachusetts  (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on December 31, 2013)

A Close-Up of the Head of a Dragon Carved in Stone on the Facade of the Historic Burrage House on the Corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Hereford Street in Boston, MA

dragon burrage house (2)
A Cherubic Face Watches While a Winged Dragon-Like Creature With the Head of a Wolf Crawls Up an Arch on the Facade of the Historic House in Boston, MA

A Fierce Winged Dragon Seen Roosting Upon a Large Rock in a Small Pond on Rawson Road in Webster, MA

dragon victoria station putnam
A Wooden Sculpture of a Fire-Breathing Dragon Seen in the Outdoor Patio in Front of Victoria Station Cafe on Main Street in Putnam, CT

A Small Serpentine Dragon Spotted on a Corner of the Roof of a Pagoda-Style Gateway That Leads to the Courtyard of the Pho Hien Buddhist Meditation Temple Located on Dewey Street in Worcester, MA

A Metal Sculpture of a Serpent-Like Dragon (Clutching a Sphere in Its Claws) Seen on a Lawn Surrounded by a Wrought-Iron Fence on Blueberry Hill in Webster, MA

One of Four Horse-Like Dragons Carved of the Stone Found on the Chinese Gospel Church (Formerly Our Lady of Fatima) on Belmont Street in Worcester, MA

A Small Dragonesque Creature Carved on the Original Stone Facade of the Main Branch of the Cambridge Public Library in Cambridge, MA