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A Small Winged Gargoyle With the Head of a Lion and the Tail of a Dragon Sits on a Wooden Ledge That Runs Along the Front of the Historic Blackington Building on Main Street in Sturbridge, MA

One of the Four Magnificent Winged Gargoyles That Grace the Tower of Clinton Town Hall in Clinton, Massachusetts

Worcester Art Museum

Posted: September 10, 2016 in Chimeras, Lions

tiny winged lion WAM.JPG
Unless One Was Specifically Looking for Them, It’s Easy to Overlook the Tiny Winged Lions Found at the Base of the Patinated Bronze Lamp Posts on the Front Steps of the Worcester Art Museum

Winged Mastiff Oxford 2B
A Winged Mastiff Pup Appears to Be About to Pounce From His Perch on a Large Block of Granite Next to a House on Main Street in Oxford, MA

Burrage House Entrance
A Winged Chimera Hovers Above the Name Plate Posted Near the Front Entrance of the Burrage House on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, MA

Shropshire Chimera
This Fantastical Creature Seen in the Window of the ShropShire Shop on Main in Shrewsbury, MA Seems to Be a Hybrid of a Bison, a Lizard, and a Lion

Chestnust Congregation Gargoyle
A Winged Gargoyle Appears to Be About to Swoop Down From Its Perch on the Former Chestnut Street Congregational Church (Now the New England Dream Center) in Worcester, MA