Floating Lotus Boutique, Rockport, MA

Posted: May 4, 2020 in Buddhas, Elephants, Garden Statues, Hindu Gods, Lawn Statues, Sculptures, Statuary
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Asian Inspiration Gallery, Rockport, MA
The Hindu Deity Ganesha and Buddha Seen Side by Side Outside the Floating Lotus Boutique Located at 27 Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA (Originally Published on Gargoyles and Grotesques on June 11,  2014)

  1. I love Rockport. I stayed there near there for a couple of days near Christmas. Unfortunately most of the shops were closed. I hope to return some day.

    • I love Rockport too. I stayed there in early June, and even then many of the shops were not yet opened. Probably most memorable for me though was the place we stayed was right next to the Unitarian Church and their bells tolled every hour through out the night.😊

      • Yikes! You would think they would turn those off from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. Wow! They were not all opened in June? I would have thought they would have opened earlier than that.

      • Though I wasn’t aware of it, I guess the all night bell ringing in Rockport is fairly well-known. I found out later it was the basis of a short story published in Yankee Magazine in the 1980s. We stayed in Rockport 6 years ago, and I just read in a recent trip advisor review for the hotel we stayed at that the constant bell ringing is still going on. When we went in early June, about three quarters of the businesses were open, and we were told the other quarter would be open by the last week of the month. Also at the time I was there, most of the shops closed for the night at 8pm.

      • I am guessing then they are only open July and August? How can people afford those places if they are open such a short time period?

      • I know. That doesn’t seem to make much sense. I do know that most of hotels and inns are open year round, and there are lot of festivals through out the year. Since Gloucester is right next door, I.believe of lot tourists staying in Rockport must go there to eat and shop.

      • Actually around Christmas time a lot of places were closed for the season. Not a lot advertised on booking sites. I guess the larger hotels stay open. Rockport had a nice visit from Santa on Christmas morning. I was able to see that.

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