A Milestone, An Explanation, & An Invitation

Posted: October 25, 2019 in Gargoyles and Grotesques


Today will be my 2055th post (I admit it’s quite an odd and random milestone) and to celebrate it, I would like to do something different than posting my usual photograph and a short caption. Instead, dear reader,  I would like to give you the origin and a thorough explanation behind this blog as well as issue you an invitation that I know few will be able to accept.

Ever since I first took the photograph above of this cement bulldog with wings dripping a steady stream of water from his jaws along the roadside in Sturbridge, Massachusetts seven years ago, I have become fascinated with this strange parallel world of fantastical creatures that exists alongside ours, but we seldom notice: gargoyles lurking in our architecture, marble angels weeping in our cemeteries, and fairies frolicking on our front lawns. With my digital camera, I have sought to capture these strange and striking statuary throughout New England (and occasionally beyond), and share them with the rest of the globe on this daily photo blog Gargoyles and Grotesques: Don’t Look Up! Something May Be Watching You…, posting over 2000 such images here since July 2013. Although these digital images are originally in color, I make the artistic choice of draining them of all hue, feeling B&W is the perfect medium for the subject matter. To misquote a popular Paul Simon song, monochrome “makes you think all the world’s a gloomy day” and “everything looks weirder in black and white.”

My photo exhibit “Gargoyles and Graveyards” culled from my favorites of these photographs has been on display since October 1st (and will be until Halloween) at Booklovers’ Gourmet at 55 East Main Street in Webster, MA. Like I said earlier, I do realize very few of you are in the position to accept, but if you do happen to be in the Central Massachusetts area, I’d like to invite you to a meet the artist reception including a featured poetry reading by myself (Surprise! Besides being a photographer and blogger, I’m also a published poet) followed by an open mic that will take place there this Saturday, October 26th from 1-4 p.m. For more information, please call 508-949-6232 or go to their website @ http://www.bookloversgourmet.com

Thank you so much, my friends, for indulging me and reading this post! Tomorrow I promise I will go back to my normal routine, and post a single photo with a brief caption.

  1. Avec votre statuaire, vous nous entraînez dans un monde a la fois divin et grotesque, merci de nous faire partager votre univers, j adore…merci pour l Invitation, sans moi hélas…

  2. healy24yang says:

    I am so sorry that I couldn’t come. My husband and I had made plans a long time ago to visit friends on the Cape. Otherwise, I would have been there. Thank you for sending this invitation. Perhaps you will something like this again. I love the Booklover’s Gourmet. I actually did a book launch there for my last mystery, Letter from a Dead Man.

    • Thank you so much, Sharon, I really appreciate that! I have so much enjoyed reading your blog and conversing with you here in the comments, I am sorry that I have yet been able to attend any of your events or readings, but I do hope our paths will cross in the near future, and we will finally meet in person. I am going to do my best make it to the Holiday Fair at Worcester State University in December,
      but perhaps I will run into you at another literary event on campus before that (I”m a regular at Professor Jonathan Blake’s monthly “One Poem and,,,” reading there.

  3. Loren Rhoads says:

    Congratulations on your milestone and your exhibit!

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