The Stone of Face of a Germanic-Looking Woman (With Flowing Hair and Wearing Some Sort of Cap Decorated With Twigs and Leaves and a Pair of Wings on Top) Spotted on the Exterior of Adolphus Busch Hall on the Campus of Harvard University in Cambridge, MA

  1. Could this be Hermes with the wings on the Helmut?

    • You may be right! I was thinking in terms of Germanic or Norse mythology, not Greek, because many of the stone figures and faces found on Adolphus Busch Hall definitely are.
      But then again, one of most prominent figures is a centaur, and that is certainly from Greek mythology, so it would make sense if that face represents Hermes.

      • Ohhh! Would love to see a photo of the Centaur!

        The oak leaves around the Helmut have thrown me a little, because they are associated with Zeus, not Hermes…

        I’m not as familiar with the Norse pantheon, but the oak leaves correspond to Thor, I think..

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