Liberty Hill Cemetery, Lebanon, CT

Posted: February 11, 2019 in Cemeteries, Stone Carvings
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Normally I Wouldn’t Post a Photo of Such a Plain Gravestone Without an Elaborate Carving of a Skull or Cherub on This Site (There Is a Small Anchor, Which Is Usually Symbolic of Christianity, Yet in This Case, More Likely Just a Nautical Motif), But the Story Behind It Is So Intriguing, I Decided to Make an Exception. This Is the Headstone of Captain Sluman Gray Erected by His Wife Sarah in the 1860s at Liberty Hill Cemetery in Lebanon, CT. Local Legends Say that Gray, the Captain of a Whaling Ship, Died in the South Seas, and the Crew of His Ship Preserved His Corpse in a Barrel of Rum in Order to Return It For Burial in His Hometown in Connecticut. However, For Some Reason, Instead of Being Transferred to a Coffin, His Body Was Buried in That Same Barrel of Rum, Which Supposedly So Angered His Spirit, the Ghost of Captain Gray Still Haunts Liberty Hill Cemetery Today.

  1. Ysegrim says:

    That’s an interesting story.

  2. Thank you, I think so too! 😊

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