A Statue of the Elephant-Headed Hindu God Ganesha Fashioned From Sterling Silver Available for Purchase at the Naked Bohemian Gift Shop on White Mountain Highway in North Conway, NH

  1. Kelly MacKay says:

    Oh this is different and a change for you, from cemeteries.

    • Thanks, Kelly, for your comment. I first started this blog to primarily post photos of gargoyles and grotesques I found in the local area hence the name, Gargoyles and Grotesques. Unfortunately I soon exhausted the gargoyles, so I expanded the subject matter to include any interesting and unusual statuary. Since cemeteries seem to be a great source of amazing statuary and sculpture, the majority of my photos have been taken there, but many of my photos have been shot in other places, including museums, churches, libraries, even front yards of average homes, anywhere I see statuary and sculpture that I like. This statue of Ganesha is actually the third that I posted, previous ones were from the Worcester Art Museum and Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA.

      • Kelly MacKay says:

        Oh, I am glad to see you are stretching out. You will find your subject matter takes you into fantastic places. why New Orleans beckons, You have a subject matter that will keep you going for years. I have been a tombstone tourist for years and I could devote a whole blog to it. You have just begun. explore. Find a grave is fabulous. oldest graves. unique epitaphs, famous people. Don’t limit yourself.Cheers

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