Brookfield Cemetery, Brookfield, MA

Posted: July 17, 2017 in Angels, Cemeteries, Garden Statues, Lawn Statues, Statuary

A Grieving Angel Lays Down Her Head and Weeps at Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA

  1. healy24yang says:

    I love the weeping angel statues. We often drive past Brookfield Cemetery, but haven’t gone in. My husband and I need to take a stroll there to enjoy the monuments.

    • Yes, I too love and am fascinated by weeping angel statues! So far, most of the ones I’ve seen in cemeteries in person are the small statuettes that people leave at grave sites, but I’d love to find some of the older permanent life-size or larger monuments like iIve seen on-line. However I have discovered a really nice modern weeping angel gravestone at Grove Street Cemetery in Putnam, CT.

      i highly recommend that you take a stroll in Brookfield Cemetery. It’s quite impressive!
      Knowing that you are a mystery writer, i think you would especially might enjoying seeing the gravestone of Joshua Spooner which you will find next to the stone wall that runs along route 9. On the gravestone, there is a short description on how he was murdered and his body was dumped down a well.

      • healy24yang says:

        Wow! the Joshua Spooner story sounds really interesting. I will definnitely have to check that out. As for weeping angel statues, you will find some in Hope Cemetery (Worcester), I believe; Lowell Cemetery (Lowell, MA) -along with some other real treats!; and Mt Auburn (Cambridge) – Oh, don’t forget Swan’s Point in Providence.H.P. Lovecraft is buried there.

      • I find the Spooner murder really fascinating, and it seems quite a few other people do as well. I believe there have been several books published about the subject including “The General’s Lady” by Esther Forbes and “Murdered by His Wife” by Deborah Navas You can also read several accounts of the case on the Murderpedia: . There even supposedly a small monument placed by the Town of Brookfield along Route 9 marking the location of the actual well but I have yet to find it:

        Thank you so much for the recommendations where I can find “Weeping Angel Statues”. Wow, I thought I knew Hope Cemetery really well and I don’t recall ever seeing a “Weeping Angel” (which I consider to be a statue of an angel laying her head down and covering her face with her arms or hands) there. I know there are some modern tombstones with an angel either leaning or draping herself around the stone. Are those the ones you are referring to? I’m familiar with other really amazing angel statues there including the one-armed angel surrounded by a wrought-iron fence and the supposedly haunted statue of an angel ascending to heaven with a young woman. I’ve also heard people have referred to one of the Archangel Gabriel statues there as a “Weeping Angel”, but that is because of its eerie resemblance to the “Weeping Angels” from Doctor Who.

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