Institute Road, Worcester, MA

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Chinese Imperial Lions, Garden Statues, Imperial Guardian Lions, Lawn Statues, Lions, Statuary

Foo Dog Institute Road Worcester MA 3 (2)
An Imperial Guardian Lion Stands Sentry on a Stucco Wall in Front of a Private Residence on Institute Road in Worcester, MA

  1. healy24yang says:

    Chinese lions are usually set up with two lions, male and female. If the lion has a globe under its paw, it’s considered a male lion; if it has a cub, it’s considered a female. A few times in China, I saw one lion with both a globe and a cub, so I referred to that as a working mother. My Chinese friends and family approved. ; > )

  2. Thank you so much for this information! There was another lion further down on the wall, but looking at the photograph I took of it, I can’t see a cub underneath the paw. Then again, because of the angle I took the photo from, it just may be hidden from view.

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