St. John’s Cemetery, Worcester, MA

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Cemeteries, Garden Gnomes, Garden Statues, Lawn Statues, Statuary
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Patriot Gnome Hope A.JPG
There Is Little Doubt Which Team This Patriotic Garden Gnome, Spotted at St. John’s Cemetery in Worcester, Will Be Rooting For During This Sunday’s Super Bowl

  1. sportsattitudes says:

    A true Patriot that one is! (What an incredible game…!)

  2. It really was a thrilling game, but I imagine also a disappointing one for Falcon fans….

  3. sportsattitudes says:

    Yes. As one of my friends in Florida noted you can see the dark cloud over Atlanta from there. I’m in Pennsylvania and I think I see it as well. 🙂

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