Pine Grove Cemetery, Spencer, MA

Posted: November 8, 2014 in Angels, Cemeteries, Lambs, Lions
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A Lion, a Lamb, and an Angel (With Half of Her Face Missing) Gather Together at a Grave in Pine Grove Cemetery in Spencer, MA

  1. dmglostne says:

    real nice shot , went there last weekend thanks to your blog, very interesting cemetery, MY photos not so interesting .

  2. Thank you so much! I agree that Pine Grove is an interesting cemetery, though it’s not as creepy or as large as I remember it being when I visited it in High School. One of it’s unique aspects is being next door to the Spence Fairgrounds, and during my last visit, I saw a horse in full harness trotting on the racetrack.

  3. dmglostne says:

    I noticed the fair grounds, wanted to hop over the fence to check it out , I thought the chapel was pretty cool too, have you photographed it

    • The chapel is really cool, but unfortunately I didn’t think to take any photographs of it. Have you been able to check out any of the other cemeteries in Spencer? Holy Rosary (AKA Mary, Queen of the Rosary) Cemetery has some great Catholic statuary and monuments, as well as the eerie message “Pray for us” spelled out in its shrubbery, while the Old Spencer Cemetery has some of the coolest examples of 18th century gravestones with the “Winged Soul” motif I’ve seen in New England….

  4. dmglostne says:

    thanks for the tip, next trip up to the worcester area I’ll check those Cemeteries, Had a chance to stop by the friends meeting house cemetery on my way back from Pine grove, Man that place is Beautiful, would love to see you make some pictures of that graveyard, looking forward to your next post.

  5. You are very welcome! I’d also highly recommend Rural Cemetery on Grove Street in Worcester, and Mountain View Cemetery in downtown Shrewsbury. I agree the Friends Cemetery is beautiful, especially the esquisite wrought iron gate which gave the cemetery it’s nickname ” Spider (or Spidey) Gate Cemetery”. I haven’t been up there for years, but thanks to your suggestion, maybe I get back there soon.

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